The benefit of being a member of WIN is the opportunity to connect with individuals and faith communities to work for the good of individuals, families, and communities. We are stronger together, and our common humanity and the richness of our varied faith traditions are deeper than our divisions.

Throughout our history, your donations have supported our collaborative statewide work. Working together as a strong faith network, our accomplishments include:

  • Got the Women & Infant Care (WIC) Program brought to Wyoming

  • Got “life without parole” as an alternative to the death penalty

  • Helped to eliminate the sales tax on food in Wyoming

  • Educated clergy on how to support victims of domestic violence

  • Got anti-trafficking legislation in Wyoming with International Justice Mission

The payment of dues helps support WIN, enabling consistent programming and support for faith communities and others who are in need. The payment of dues guarantees you a voice at the table when we decide upon what we will focus upon in the future. Please note that each faith community within Wyoming who’s judicatory or institution pays dues is enabled to have a representative on the Board. In the case of those faith communities which are not organized by judicatories and do not have institutions, individual membership will allow for one representative for the group as a whole.

There are therefore three levels of membership: individual, institution/organization, Judicatory. Each of these levels has two sub-levels: regular and sustaining. The membership rights are exactly the same. A sustaining member helps cover the costs for individuals and institutions/organizations who are having some financial difficulties.

  • Individual Regular $18.00

  • Individual Sustaining $180

  • Institution Regular $100

  • Institution Sustaining $1000

  • Judicatory Regular $500

  • Judicatory Sustaining $5000

Please note that additional amounts over and above dues may fit your circumstances better.

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